We are 3 young, passionate bikers with the goal of making motorcycling even better.

Calimoto is the first multifunctional app specifically designed for motorcyclists. It focuses on the key aspects that make “Motorcycling” your passion. No matter whether it’s about your perfect route through winding country roads, a spontaneous joyride or contact with other bikers, calimoto is your platform to share with other bikers. You can share your favorite routes and plan tours together in the group: calimoto – the motorcycle community 2.0!

unique routing profile

Thanks to our winding road algorithm, only beautiful scenic and winding country roads will be calculated. calimoto will always guide you out of the city into a new adventure!

Turn-by-turn navigation

Found the perfect route? The navigation will guide you.

Route planning directly on your smartphone

Create your own personal tour with unlimited via points. Move and customize the route according to your preferences until you find your perfect route. Save them and create your own list of trips.

Recording the Tour

Check at any time your average speed, how long you´ve been riding and where you’ve been. You can display all tracked routes on the map to find out where new and exciting routes are waiting for you.

Special motorcycle map

So that you always find the best route, special curvy roads will be highlighted on our map. No matter whether petrol stations, motorcycle repair shops, or mountain passes, they will all appear directly on the map.

Voice prompts

Even if your phone is in your pocket, you won´t get off the path thanks to our voice prompts.

No Internet? No problem!

The map, the route calculation and the navigation work completely offline! You can use our app without any restrictions even in the most remote areas.

Fancy a quick round tour?

Specify the approximate length of the desired tour and our winding road algorithm will provide you with your personalized round trip. You don’t like it no problem! Move the waypoints as desired and create your perfect tour.
Eine Tour die durch einen Tunnel führt

Unique motorcycle profile

Based on our special algorithm,  your perfect route is calculated depending on your travel profile. Calimoto is able to generate special round trips for your individual needs so that you’re home just in time for dinner. To keep your family from worring during your trip, we are currently working on an innovative safety feature: an emergency call with exact GPS position is automatically triggered in the event of an accident, thus ensuring the fastest help possible.
Viele Motorräder fahren die gleiche Route.

Use the app where ever you are

Thanks to calimoto’s offline functionality, dead spots and poor reception are no problem. Be it in a remote region or abroad you can calculate routes on your Smartphone that lead yourself to the best mountain passes via voice navigation and our map, at any time and without data connection.
Tour durch eine idyllische Landschaft.

For small trips or long tours

With just a click and entering the approximate length, you can calculate the best round tours in your area. This is done automatically based on your location and our special winding road algorithm. You therefore save  hours of searching for the right track and make the most out of your time: by riding the bike! But this is just the tip of the iceberg. We are planning for the future, a variety of innovative features which will make motorcycling even better for you.

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The founding team

The love for motorcycles and the search for the perfect tracks have brought us together.
Sebastian Dambeck, der CEO der calimoto GmbH
Sebastian Dambeck
Luca Osten, der CTO der calimoto GmbH
Luca Osten
Hans-Joachim Allenfort, der CFO der calimoto GmbH
Hans-Joachim Allenfort

We were awarded:

calimoto GmbH wurde mit dem 1. Platz beim BPW ausgezeichnet.

Chip - App des Tages

calimoto wurde von CHIP zur "App des Tages" ausgezeichnet.