A) Can I use the App while wearing motorcycle gloves?

A very good question!

First of all, it’s good to mention that we programmed the App in such a way that the user never or only in rare cases has to operate it while driving. Therefore, there is a possibility that you will not miss the chance to operate the app.

Nevertheless, it also depends on the Smartphone, whether the operation with gloves is possible. In addition, it is also important which gloves you are using. Basically, you can say the thinner the material, the better it is to use with a Smartphone. Currently, there are few Smartphones (For example – Samsung or Sony devices), which give the option to increase the sensitivity of the touch screen. Usually, it can be changed under Settings/Display.

In addition to this free-of-cost version, you can buy the special gloves from Held or Vanucci or you can prepare your gloves with conductive fibers. In accordance with our testing, however, we do not recommend the conductive fibers variant.

As a result, we recommend that you simply check:

1.) whether you really need to use your Smartphone while driving.

2.) If yes, then check if it can be used with gloves on

3.) If it does not work, try to change the sensitivity in Smartphone Menu

B) How do I fasten my Smartphone on the handlebar? Is the Smartphone safe there?

There is a wide range of products, which not only help you mount your Smartphone safely but also protect it from the rain. We have been using it for several years and haven’t had any problems.

We recommend a classic holder for the handlebar So that the Smartphone is in the optimal field of vision. However, we mainly recommend this Motorbike–mount, without any restrictions. We have been using this Motorbike-mount on a regular basis and it  still hasn’t shown any weaknesses.

One can also put his Smartphone in the Tank bag, but in our opinion, thats just a matter of taste.

C) Is it compulsory to use a Smartphone-mount?

No, you can also use the app without even looking at the Smartphone. The tracking and the navigation system works even if the phone screen is off and thanks to the voice prompts, you can easily reach the destination without a map.

If you have integrated the intercom or earphones in the helmet, you can easily connect to the smartphone without using any cable and you will be navigated to the desired destination through announcements.

D) What about the battery life? Do I need an external power back up?

Thanks to the offline function, the Calimoto App needs relatively less power. Internet connection, GPS, and high screen brightness are usually the biggest battery hogs.

With our smartphones, we typically reach a full battery runtime of 2.5 hours. And even 6 hours or more with a variety of other devices.

Obviously, the on-board socket is required for longer day trips. Some motorcycle models have this feature, but a retrofit kit can also be bought just for few pennies. We use these kits and we haven’t had anything to complain about.


1. How can I plan my own route?

Calimoto gives you the opportunity to create your desired route plan directly on the map. In order to set a marker just hold down on the map.  This can be a starting point, a destination or a via-point. You can easily switch the set markers by a long click, to match to your route at any time. If you are searching a specific address or a specific place, you can easily enter the address in the above search window and the corresponding location will be marked on the map. Alternatively, you can also go to Navigation in the Menu (above left) and directly calculate a route on the basis of the exact address. But please note that the Internet connection is necessary for address inquiry.

2. How can I generate a round-trip?

Calimoto gives you two possibilities: If you want to drive-off from your current location, then simply open the Menu (above left) and select “Round-trip”. Now you only need to specify the length of your desired route and we will figure out a nice round-trip for you, with the help of our special winding road algorithm. Alternatively, you can simply select a place on the map, where you want a round-trip to be computed by the system. Now select the approximate distance you want to travel and there you go. Tip: If you want to adjust the calculated route, you can switch or remove the individual markers at any time.

3. How does the Tracking – Function work?

The Tracking function runs in the background, whether you are using the Navigation in the Calimoto-App or if you have activated the Tracking function in the Menu (above left). After every journey, you can choose, whether you want to save the traveled route, so that you can show it to your friends or if you want to drive on the same route again. The traveled routes can always be highlighted on the map, so that you can see the places you have already traveled.

4. Why are roads on the map outlined in different colors?

So that you can immediately recognize the most beautiful and most winding routes at a glance. Calimoto analyzes every street and shows you with the help of colors, how many winding roads are waiting for you. The darker the red, the curvier the route.

5. My region is too small, how can I unlock additional maps?

Under ‘Maps‘ in the Main Menu, you will get an overview of all available maps. There you have the choice between various countries, such as Germany, Austria, and Italy. We are working on extending the range of maps further. Here, you may also find an overview of your pre-activated maps.

6. How can I export or share the traveled tracks with others?

We are working around the clock on this aspect. For this reason, your traveled tracks are unfortunately only visible on your Smartphone. But in one of our next updates, we will provide you the opportunity to save your traveled routes and upload them to our servers. Then, your friends, or if you want, the entire Community can see, share and comment on your exciting routes. So, look forward to it!

7. The voice navigation is not working properly or is in a foreign language

We are not using our own voice module in the calimoto app but the Text-to-speech module of Android. Since every smartphone has a different version of Android, it can happen that some devices that you have to manually install the up-to-date language package. You have to go into your phone settings under “Language and input” and then “Text-to-speech options”. Here you can download and activate the up-to-date language package. Now you should be ready to ride.

8. I ride Enduro. Can I also view the off-road trails and track my route throughout the area?

To view the off-road trails, simply go to “Settings” in the main menu and select “Enduro-mode” under the Maps-Settings. By doing so, all off-road routes will be shown in brown color. Obviously, you can record your off-road tours using tracking-mode. It will help you in tracing out, with your friends or at home, which hills you have already driven. Because of the present situation, it is not possible to offer a navigation on off-road routes.

9. My internal phone memory is full. Can I save the map data on my SD card?

Yes, you can move all your maps to an external SD Card. Open the “Settings” and click on “Save map on SD-card” option. Please do not use your Smartphone during the copy process. After that, you can use the App in the usual manner. By the way, it is also possible to copy the data again to the internal phone memory.

10. I have a great idea, you should definitely implement it. Whom should I contact?

We ourselves are motorcyclists and want to develop the best motorcycle-app with you. Therefore , we depend on your ideas, suggestions and the criticism as well. That is why, we are giving you an easy opportunity to send us your feedback. Just open the main menu and select the option “Feedback”.  Each entry comes directly to our developers and will be personally checked. This allows us to use your feedback into the further development of the Calimoto app.