The new calimoto Premium


We’re never standing still! As announced earlier, we will introduce the brandnew calimoto Premium this December. With the premium account you will not only have access to all of our biker maps, but also to many additional and unique functions which will make the app even better. With the introduction of our premium account you will get the feature to see danger spots like radar warnings directly in the map and to receive them on voice command as well. Look forward to innovative features coming in the next months like live weather data or analizing your own unique driving stile! As we said – we’re always making progress and will develop many amazing functions in the future in order to make our common favourite hobby even better. Let’s see what this update means exactly:

From now on, you will be able to choose between 3 uncomplicated alternatives. On the one hand, the annual premium membership is available for 39,99€. This means a whole year full of calimoto with all its maps and features – and without any restrictions.

If you’re hesitating and you’d like to first try out the premium version, or if it’s just a few days that you will need additional map material, we also offer short weekly premium memberships for only 2,99€. The weekly pass can be cancelled at any time. Just pay for what you really need!

We received a lot of feedback from you about our new membership system. We take feedback very seriously and therefore decided to add a third option to our plan. If you don’t want or need any premium features and prefer getting the offline map package with our basic features like planning and navigating with our successful and unique algorithm, you can get the navigation package for the single price of 69,99€.

But before introducing the update, calimoto offers you this limited product:

Enjoy the calimoto lifetime Premium version for the single price of 69,99€! Until the 31.12.2017 you will get all the additional premium features without having to worry about renewing your membership each year. This is our way to thank you for your early trust! By the way – if you already bought the full map package before, you will automatically get the lifetime premium version.


What will happen with the maps I bought and why the change?

  1. We started 2016 with our vision to develop the best and most complete motorcycle app. Since those early days we have been testing, uploading, fixing, planning and optimizing calimoto with each of your feedbacks! We still have a lot of features planned and would like to thank you for your early trust. Because of your map purchases we were able to continue working on the app every day and would like to reward your support. Everybody who chose to get the whole “all countries” package will get the lifetime premium access to all maps and exclusive premium functions without any restrictions!


Every country map you already purchased will still be active and usable just like before without any restrictions. We keep our promise of offering offline maps with lifetime free map updates.


  1. We totally understand that many of you would prefer paying the app once instead of paying for temporary memberships. We’re bikers ourselves and want to offer you an app which combines all necessary functions and features into one. For this, we have current expenses each month for our servers or external data (like weather or radar information) which cannot be paid with one-time map purchases in the long term. We hope you understand that calimoto needs these memberships to continue developing and integrating all those services.


Maybe a concrete example could make this even more clear. The satnav “TomTom Rider” costs more or less 400€. For this price, you would be able to get calimoto Premium with all maps and exclusive functions, which you would never even find on a regular satnav (for example the automatic tour sincronization with our trip planner, the driving style identification or the community features) for 10 years. Also, you never know how long the hardware of these devices will work. We had to make a decision in order to cover the expenses and ensure a continuous, innovative development of our app. We will still take your feedback very seriously and thank you for your support!

We hope we could explain our decision and we are looking forward to receiving your thoughts and suggestions about it. We’re all bikers and share the same passion. Get calimoto Premium lifetime now and get all the exclusive features! Your team from calimoto.