Sebastian Dambeck, der CEO der calimoto GmbH
Sebastian Dambeck

10th February, 2016 – CEO


At the end of 2014, Sebastian had the idea to create calimoto. He recognized that motorcycle navigation should be more than just the calculation of the fastest way from A to B. In his master thesis, he developed the special winding road algorithm, which calculates until now the exciting trips in the app. Within the company, he is responsible for product development, the website and country expansion. As an engineer for geoinformatics he is our expert for geodata and maps.

He discovered his love for motorized two-wheelers at the age of 16 with a Simson S51. Even in winter, he is traveling with his XT660 on field and forest paths outside of Berlin. At least once a year he goes on a great motorcycle tour to South Tyrol.