What we are working on

Mit der calimoto App über Berge und durch Täler.

The community

Another very important aspect of our favorite hobby is the biker community. We have a vision: letting you focus on your passion, share emotions and include your friends into your motorcycle tours. Create your own virtual tour diary with pictures, videos and personal comments. Live the motorcycle dream!

Also, you can unite in groups and plan tours together. We will make possible that someone within your group creates an exciting tour and each group member will be able to download and update it on their smartphone or on our web site, comment it and of course drive it. And for joint trips, all participants will navigate to the predefined meeting point and will be able to see other riders on the map during the trip.

Live Weather

There’s nothing worse than being surprised by a rain shower while you’re out on a ride. We’re working on an integration of live weather data in the app so you can plan your trip accordingly.

Different routing profiles

Our unique winding roads algorithm always generates the best choices for you and your bike. But of course we understand that sometimes time is money and you will need to get to your destination as soon as possible. Heavy rains, waiting friends – in the future you will be able to choose between different routing profiles, such as taking the fastest way. It’s your decision!

We need your feedback

Your feedback is necessary for us to develop the best navigation app for all motorcycle riders. That’s why we need active participation from you, the community. Any kind of suggestions, bug reports or critics can be sent directly in the app, by email or even carrier pigeons, if you want. We are bikers ourselves and together with you we want to achieve our vision: make motorcycling even better!
Eine Tour durch eine idyllische Landschaft.