What we are working on

Mit der calimoto App über Berge und durch Täler.

iOS version

We are working feverishly to provide an iOS version of calimoto as soon as possible. However, we want to first finish the calimoto app for Android, so that the core functions like navigation, route planning, round trips and tracking work ideally. Directly afterwards we will port this version 1.0 on Apples operating system, and this even before we devote ourselves to additional functions. Motorcyclists with iPhones, you indeed have to be patient, but we promise you that the wait will be worthwhile.

Social features

As soon as we complete the Android and iOS calimoto app for you, we will focus entirely on another important aspect of our favourite hobbies: the community! We wish to make it possible for you to share your favorite tours with other riders. Not only that but by also linking photos, comments, and videos, you can keep a virtual travel diary  and report your best tracks to other bikers. As a result, other users will find interesting routes faster and we can always continue refining our routing algorithm. Our goal is that every biker eventually finds their perfect route through the calimoto app.

Communicate with other riders in our forum, unite in groups and plan tours together. It will be possible that someone within the group creates an exciting tour and each group member could update this on their smartphone or on our web site, comment it and of course go for it. And for joint trips, all participants will navigate to predefined meeting point and will be able to see other riders on the map during the trip.

Analysis of riding styles

As a result of the wide number of different sensors in a Smartphone, we have the opportunity to be much more than just a pure navigation device. For example we can record your riding style and then show you individual evaluations. For example, you can see your angle in a particular curve or your average speed on a particular stretch. This enables every motorbike rider to have a thorough analysis of their own driving style in order to get more out of their bike and themselves.

We need your feedback

It is important for us, to work together with you on developing the best navigation app for all motorcycle riders. That’s why we depend on active participation from the community. What do you wish for? What features are still not ideally solved? Send your suggestions and feedback in the app, via email or call us directly. We are bikers ourselves and together with you we want to achieve our vision: make motorcycling  even better!
Eine Tour durch eine idyllische Landschaft.